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Watersnake Shadow Trolling Motor

The Shadow trolling motor is unrivalled for bow mounters who need an effective motor to adopt on their bows, the motor is basic to operate and includes an include bow mount that makes it basic to troll power. The Shadow trolling motor is prime for lower-powered trolling styles as it provides a low power draw and is uncomplicated to operate.

Watersnake Saltwater Trolling Motor

The is a saltwater trolling motor that features a rear-mounted saltwater tank and a built-in foot control, the saltwater trolling motor is designed to typify and pull fish from deep water to waistline. The motor is powerful and efficient, making it beneficial for trolling, the is available in two different foot controls, making it a practical way for an admirer wanting to troll motor. This motor is designed to troll gear and is made from of durable plastic, it grants an 52 nd gear and is produced out of hard plastic. It is uncomplicated to operate and is enticing for trolling motor gear, looking for a powerful trolling motor that doesn't break the bank? Search no more than the fwdr54-54 Shadow bow mount foot control trolling motor! This motor is practical for powered bow trolling, provide up to 4 awards with the fwdr54-54 Shadow bow mount foot control trolling motor! The fwdr54-54 Shadow bow mount foot control trolling motor is a high-quality trolling motor that is fantastic for use in fishing in and around water. This motor is designed with a Shadow bow mount design that allows for a beautiful patterns and lines to be displayed while fishing, the motor is further backed by an one-year warranty.