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Kayak Trolling Motor Transom Mount

This is an exceptional Transom Mount for your swimming pool, river, or ocean watercraft, it is best-in-the-class for selling and buying trolling motor systems. With this mount, you can finally purchase a motor that smoothers down through the water, making it easier to catch fish.

Perception Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

The Kayak series 36 lb thrust Transom mounted saltwater electric trolling motor is an excellent Mount for perception kayaks, it features an 36-lb saltwater electric trolling motor for power and flavor, and an 55-lb thrust Transom Mount for stability. The trolling motor Mount is designed to hang from the arm of a Kayak and trolling motors, it is important to note that the mounting position is not necessary for normal trolling, only for truly disgorged fishing. The jackson Kayak with trolling is top for suitors who adore to explore the wilds of nature, this Kayak grants an universal Transom trolling motor Mount that is designed to compatible with a wide range of kayaks. The mounting brackets provide stable and clearance for all types of kayaks, from standard to full-sized prototypes, the trolling motor also ensures safety for both users and animals. The universal Transom trolling motor Mount for kayaks is designed to increase trolling power in difficult-to-reach areas of the wilderness, it attaches to your Kayak with a standard 3. 3" white-plastic mount, and provides sufficient power to churn out 10 knots or more, the Transom trolling motor Mount is likewise compatible with wilderness systems's other transom- mounts, the universal Transom trolling motor Mount base and the universal Transom trolling motor Mount top.