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Hobie Trolling Motor Mount

This is a terrific project to do at home! You can use pedal drive trolling motor is Mount to troll motor and leave the kayak on the deck to free up your hands for other activities.

Hobie Kayak Trolling Motor Mounts

This product is a diy Hobie mirage drive kayak trolling motor Mount cassette kit without motor, this kit is for the Hobie mirage drive kayak and it costs $59. This product is for use with the motor on the kayak, it includes the screws, nuts, and washers, and it is manufactured of metal. The kayak will not work with the motor on because the motor is not able to power the screws and nuts, the kayak will not work at all with the motor on and the screws and nuts are not able to power the motor. The only substitute to power the motor on the kayak is to operate an electric motor, if you're wanting to troll around a diy motor Mount on your kayak, this could be a valuable fit! With this option, you can use the cassette kit to power up your drive kayak, cueing and without a motor, you'll have to find other means of propulsion to help you across the water. This kayak trolling motor steering kit without motor is for the diy Hobie mirage drive kayak, this kit comes with a kit that is needed for you but can be bought separately. The cassette kit contains the motor, motor mount, and screws, looking to troll motor for your Hobie outback? Don't search more than this kit! This driving motor is top-quality for your kayak, giving you a better level of power when trolling. Plus, it comes with a cassette kit, making it straightforward to get started.