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Vintage Sears Trolling Motor

Are you digging for a motorized trolling bass boat? Don't search more than the Vintage ted williams Sears kayak 12 v electric trolling bass boat motor, this boat provides an 10 speed motor that makes trolling very straightforward and fast. Plus, the Vintage style is outstanding for the outdoors.

Vintage Sears Trolling Motor Ebay

This is a Vintage Sears trolling motor that services from electric works, it is a shame that it is not electric but it is from the old days of a motorized trolling net. This net was invented by Sears in 1911, it was a first rate tool for trolling and was very effective at it. It is again no doubt why it is why Sears still this net, it is 575. 59391 electric work, it is still missing the original plastic cover. It renders some use but it is still in good condition, it is only 75, 1959. It is powered by an 12 v boat trolling motor, this motor is not only first-rate for trolling but can also be used for other purposes such as for power surfing or fishing. The motor is quality made and provides a strong performance that allows Vintage ted williams Sears kayak 12 v electric trolling bass boat motor is to do its job correctly, this is a terrific opportunity to add value and have a motor available for a future sale. This motor is in first-class condition and is being offered for sale as is, this motor is in like manner available as a part of a sale.