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Bigfoot Trolling Motor Switch

Introducing the new big foot trolling motor! This Switch lever is a best-in-class tool for trolling industry, with an 3-1/4" tall stock and an 3" wide bottom, this lever is sure to br in any fish you put in front of it. Plus, the big foot design sure takes the guesswork out of trolling, new big foot trolling motor.

Trolling Motor Bigfoot

Looking for a lever action switch-the-day kind? Look no more than our nos vintage tommy martin big foot lever action, this lever-action dog imparts been customized with a big foot toggle, making it beneficial for trolling big footed fish. Plus, the big foot give you that extra power to take down any fish today, the big foot trolling motor is an unique design that includes a large foot that can trowel down on pack animals. This powerful motor ensures trolling with large pack animals is facile and fun, the Bigfoot trolling motor is a historic Switch lever that is said to be tommy martin's most ancient and outdated motor. This motor is said to be go-to motor for Bigfoot claimants and fishermen, the Bigfoot trolling motor is an unique and powerful motor that can hold its own against even the best of tools. This motor is sure to make your fishing tournaments a success, this is a big foot trolling motor Switch installation video. The Switch is attached to the rifle of a big foot troll, and will be used to control the power of the trolling motor.